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At CAP, we don’t just embrace change. We drive it. In the engineering and construction industry, new technologies and skill-sets are more important than ever. We’re not only keeping pace with this ever-changing landscape. We’re shaping it, here + now.

Featured Projects

Highway 831

Located south of Boyle, this Alberta Transportation project includes pavement rehabilitation and safety improvements on 30 km of Highway 831:10. The pavement rehabilitation includes subgrade excavation, full width cold milling and paving to maintain the existing roadway width. Geometric improvements

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Highway 64

This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation of 17.85 km of Highway 64:02 from the British Columbia border to 6 km east of Highway 717, as well as a safety rest area at km 1.4. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade

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Marystown Water Street East

This roadway project consisted of replacement of the water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems, as well as all new pavement along the entire street. The replacement of these systems will provide citizens with a more reliable water and sewer

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It’s our belief that every accident and injury is preventable. This means putting safety ahead of all business pursuits. It means adopting accident prevention as a way of life.


We’re invested in our people, our projects, and our community. That’s why we created CAP Kind. This corporate social responsibility program supports and funds activities that give back to local and global causes.

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