Project Details

Located south of Boyle, this Alberta Transportation project includes pavement rehabilitation and safety improvements on 30 km of Highway 831:10. The pavement rehabilitation includes subgrade excavation, full width cold milling and paving to maintain the existing roadway width. Geometric improvements to six intersections are proposed, including construction of two service roads. Other work includes sideslope improvements, access management, erosion repair, culvert rehabilitation, curb and sidewalk repairs, adjustments to manholes and water valves, highway street lighting, and installation of high tension cable barriers, rumble strips, and permanent signing upgrades.


As Prime Consultant, CAP is responsible for the overall project engineering. We conducted site investigations and completed preliminary survey, confirmed the surfacing requirements and calculated all quantities. We modelled intersection improvements in AutoCAD Civil 3D to determine grading quantities. Land acquisition was completed for the intersection improvements and agreements obtained for all utility crossings. Our team prepared a comprehensive design report, cost estimates, drawings and tender package. The project is currently on the shelf, ready for tendering.

Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2020
Our Services: Project Management | Survey & Geomatics | Engineering Design
Client: Alberta Transportation
Project Location: Boyle, AB

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