Project Details

Grieg NL Seafarms Ltd has chosen Marystown, NL to locate a new, state-of-the art, land-based salmon hatchery and growth facility. This facility, when fully operational, will produce up to seven million triploid smolt annually, and will occupy more than 10 ha of land.

This project consists of site preparation and grading, building construction, installation of general and special mechanical and electrical systems, and installation of tanks and conveyor systems.

CAP’s Role

We are providing management services for the overall project, as well as contract design and tender administration services for site work. This includes field investigations and topographic surveying.

As Owner’s Advisor we draft procurement documents, review procurement documents drafted by others, monitor project requests, manage requests for information, manage change orders, provide quality assurance, and certify third-party payments.

Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2018 (estimated)
Our Services: Project Management
Project Location: Marystown, NL

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